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Nanoparticle Series

Metals and inorganic oxides in form of nanoparticles exhibit optical, electric, and many other functions.

Antistatic Function

Dispersed tin-doped indium oxide (ITO) and dispersed antimony-doped tin oxide (ATO) can be added with an antistatic function by applying a coating to their respective base materials.

Different kinds of optical films and antistatic materials
ITO dispersion

Refractive index adjustment function

The refractive index of dispersed zirconium oxide can be adjusted by applying a coating to the base material.

Anti-reflection films, index matching, and different kinds of optical lenses
Zirconium oxide dispersion

Light absorption function

Because they are anisotropic (non-spherical) nanoparticles of precious metals, silver nanoplates and gold nanorods absorb specific wavelengths in visible and near-infrared ranges after they undergo shape control.

Diagnostic agents, wavelength absorbing materials, reflective materials, and sensing materials
Silver nanoplates dispersion
Gold nanorods dispersion

Luminescence function

Gold quantum dots emit light when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Diagnostic agents, sensing, and security
Gold quantum dots dispersion

Inkjet Coating Systems

Utilizing our advantage in running both the coatings business and the inks business to propose new coating systems

We possess inkjet decoration technologies, coating lamination technologies, and production line management technologies. We offer optimal solutions for forming coating/ink composite coating film based on our knowledge of, and experience with, each material.

The key to success in the in-line production of inkjet decoration is mutual adjustment between coatings and inks.

Schematic of coating film configuration


  • 1.Enables the production line to brought in-house
  • 2.Application to the small lot production of many different products helps to reduce inventory.
  • 3.Combinations of inkjet and coating widen the variety of decorations.

Variations in decoration

Adding particular finishes

Wood grain
Hair line

Adding particular textures

Leather grain
Concavo-convex pattern

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